How To Improve Your Online Commentary

By Matt Wright,

Online commentary goes hand-in-hand with a greater credibility, both for writers in the press looking to improve their content credibility - and for experts in their sector looking to grow their reputation through commentary. But what if you struggling to feature truly expert commentators, or you're struggling yourself to be featured as an expert? Below is a summary of how to improve your online commentary - both as a writer, and as a commentator:

Key mentions are transformational, but how do you get more?
- Here's our strategy:

Unlock The Value

If you don't get any commentary opportunities in the press, it is paramount to identify the right calibre of journalists within your remit (internationally!) that have the most interest in your defined specialisms, and thereon reach out to them at scale with, most importantly - something of high relevance to them as writers, of true value to their readers, and not to that of your business interests.

Shaping Opinions

Within the press it is important to develop and offer wisdom that cannot be found elsewhere. The key question is - what opinion is it that you have and no one else can provide in the way you do? Working to get this right is paramount - both to the success of any journalism online, as well as to the commentator's own success as a beacon of sector knowledge and insight.

Devise Profile Pages

As a commentator you should play Wikipedia at their own game and setup profile pages about you on your company or external website(s) e.g. on The Marque. This needs to be a profile page about you, and should be more detailed, insightful and informative than anything else about you online. Forget the Linkedin template. Why?: Because without an easily accessible profile - you lose the potential value of quickly pitching and presenting yourself online as you see it, and capturing your key audience in the press faster as an individual competing against others. Video here is key - it's the most compelling way to communicate who you are and your breadth of knowledge.


With every press or influencer opportunity for your commentary - you should make reference to your profile page in order to support the credibility of your commentary.

Channel Interests

Once your value as a commentator builds in the media - it is then time to adapt your profile online, and start building your business interests once you have the support of the press.

Legacy Requests

Using the processes and tools from Presscite, you can chase your backlog of mentions within the last 18+ months in order to ramp up the volume of profile links that would be requested as courtesy for the commentary. This is invaluable in shaping your online repuation and authority in search.

Measure & Adjust

Once your campaign is underway - it is time to measure the performance of activities. Whether that be as traffic, or as search rank gains e.t.c.. This allows you to amend the strategy thereon, and improve results.

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